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First of all, a huge congratulations on finding your person! As a wedding photographer for incredible couples like you, I’m honoured that you’d consider me to play a role in your epic love story. 


This season is certainly exciting, but I also know that it can be stressful and overwhelming. As a wedding photographer, I’m not just here to do a job—I'm here to act as a resource and advocate, supporting you!

I offer  different wedding collections to meet every size, budget, and need. With 12 years of experience as a photographer and countless weddings under my belt, you can relax knowing that no matter which collection you choose, your big day is in good hands and your final photographs will be frame-worthy.

          WHAT I DO

I have a documentary approach to all my sessions, and find that it's the intimate moments in between that intrigue me the most. I want to capture your day as is, as it unfolds, as if someone is hitting the pause button on your memories. 

I am a natural storyteller, and my work reflects that. I hope that in years to come, you look back on your day and can relive the moments, and are able to feel the emotions all over again.

I prioritize communication, connection, and clear expectations throughout the process, so you’ll know exactly what to expect each step of the way, freeing you up to focus on the most important moments of your big day instead of the logistics.



Your love is special and worth investing in, celebrating, and documenting. And while I can’t freeze a cherished moment in time, I can help you relive it again and again through beautiful, evocative imagery that makes you smile.


If you’re ready to move forward, the next step in the process is to book a consultation call with me.  We’ll get to know each other, talk through your options, and find the perfect collection for your love story. I can’t wait to get to know you and share in your joy.


Cheers to the start of your forever!

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